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              HIGH END And International Parts + Supply 2023 Show Report Munich Germany

              HIGH END 2023 Munich Show Report
              High End Society's HIGH END 2023 Event In Munich Germany
              (Updated 05/23) From May 18th to 21st, 2023, the very special 40th HIGH END trade show in Munich will once again shine the spotlight on luxurious premium music reproduction systems, inspiring listening enjoyment and exquisite audio technology. For many years, the HIGH END has been providing both the big players in the industry and smaller owner-managed companies with their ideal presentation platform as the world's leading audio trade show. It is the perfect place to establish business relationships, expand networks and exchange ideas and experiences with other industry experts.
              ---> HIGH END 2023 Show Report.



              High-End Audio & Music Industry News

              T.H.E. Show SoCal 2023 Show Report

              T.H.E. Show SoCal 2023 In June
              T.H.E. Show SoCal 2023 (The Home Entertainment Show) takes place at the the Hilton Orange County Costa Mesa from June 9th through 11th. Now with a very exciting re-brand, T.H.E. Show SoCal is the destination where music, entertainment, tech, and media meet in an integrated, state-of-the-art experience trade show. Spotlighting a breadth of brands spanning from classic industry leaders to up-and-coming rising stars, T.H.E. Show plans to be no ordinary luxury audio event. With an ever-expanding online community, year-round VIP, and luxury experience events, their 2023 event has a lot going on for all to enjoy.
              ---> T.H.E. Show SoCal 2023 In June.



              audioXpress Magazine June 2023

              audioXpress June 2023 Magazine
              Editorial: The Sound Of Silence
              Audioscenic: From Vision To Product
              The AP-2 Amplifier With Analog Signal Processor
              Misconceptions In The Audio Industry
              A (Z)OTL with 300Bs Part 2 ?The Final Details
              Power Transformer Parameters, Selection, And Testing Part 8
              The Changing Audio Ecosystem In Electric Vehicles
              Perspectives On Automotive Sound Design
              DSP Module Application And Tuning Procedure In Automotive Audio
              An Exploration Of Rock And Pop Venues
              And Much More!
              ---> audioXpress June 2023 Magazine.



              The Absolute Sound May / June 2023

              The Absolute Sound May / June 2023
              From the Editor: Inside The Sausage Factory
              Cover Story: Rockport Technologies Orion Loudspeaker Review
              Show Report: The Florida International Audio Expo 2023
              Kuzma Safir Tonearm
              Lyra Etna Lambda Phono Cartridge
              Ortofon Diamond Phono Cartridge
              Schiit Audio Loki Max Equalizer
              AGD Productions Alto Preamplifier And Tempo Power Amplifier
              United Home Audio Ultima5 Open-Reel Tape Player
              MoFi SourcePoint 10 Loudspeaker
              ...And Much More!
              ---> The Absolute Sound May / June 2023.



              audioXpress   Australian Hi-Fi Magazine   Hi-Fi+ Magazine

              HIFICRITIC Magazine  HiFi Media Issue 114 January / February / March 2023  The Absolute Sound



              High-End Audio Show Reports

              T.H.E Show 2023 SoCal Report
              T.H.E. Show 2023


              HIGH END Munich 2023 Show Report
              HIGH END Munich 2023


              Australian Hi-Fi Show 2023 Highlights Report
              Australian Hi-Fi Show 2023


              AXPONA 2023 Chicago Show Report
              AXPONA 2023


              Salon Audio Montreal / Audio Fest 2023 Show Report
              Salon Audio Montreal Audiofest 2023


              CanJam Singapore 2023 Show Report
              CanJam Singapore 2023


              Florida International Audio Expo 2023 Show Report
              Florida International Audio Expo 2023


              Capital Audiofest 2022 Show Report (CAF 2022)
              Capital Audiofest 2022


              Kuala Lumpur International AV Show 2022 Report
              KLIAV Show 2022


              Toronto Audiofest 2022 Show Report
              Toronto Audiofest 2022


              CanJam SoCal 2022 Show Report -- Headphones, HeadFi, Headamps, and More!
              CanJam SoCal 2022


              Pacific Audio Fest 2022 Show Report
              Pacific Audio Fest 2022


              ---> More Show Reports 


              Holes: It's All Subjective Roger Skoff writes about why we own our systems.

              Holes: It's All Subjective
              Roger Skoff writes about why we own our systems.
              Article By Roger Skoff
              A friend of mine once told me that nobody wants to buy a drill. What they really want to buy, he said, is holes; it's just that they have to buy the drill in order to get them. He's wrong, of course. There are people out there who buy drills just for the pleasure of owning drills. They're called "drill collectors", and this article isn't about them ?although there might be a little of the drill collector in some of us, too. For the rest of us, though ?at least most of the time ?what we want is the holes, and for audiophiles and music lovers, "the holes" are "musical enjoyment" and "the drill" is whatever it is that we have to buy, do, or have in order to 'get it'.
              ---> Holes: It's All Subjective.



              Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems Progression S350 Stereo Power Amplifier Review

              Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems Progression S350 Stereo Power Amplifier Review
              The Dan D'Agostino S350 amplifier makes each musical selection sound spectacular!
              Review By Tom Lyle
              Dan D'Agostino Master Audio products are not the most expensive audio components on the market, but in my opinion, their audio products are some of the best sounding high-end audio components I've ever had the pleasure of auditioning. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review two D'Agostino Master Audio components in the past. In 2017, I reviewed the excellent-sounding Momentum Lifestyle integrated amplifier, which had an onboard DAC and could also be used as a streamer with its front-panel LCD metadata display. Also in 2017, I reviewed D'Agostino Master Audio System's Momentum phono stage, which I was highly impressed with its outstanding sound quality and very user-friendly front panel controls.
              ---> Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems Progression S350 Stereo Power Amplifier Review.



              EJ Jordan Greenwich Loudspeaker Review

              World Premiere Review!
              EJ Jordan Greenwich Loudspeaker Review
              Twice as much of a good thing from the Lake District.
              Review By Paul Schumann
              One of the things I love about audio is all the different ways your music can be delivered to you. The choices for all the different components in the chain are endless. Do you want to listen to vinyl? You can go direct drive turntable or belt drive. What kind of cartridge do you want? Moving coil or moving magnet? What kind of moving coil, low output or high output? What stylus shape do you prefer? Creators make a myriad of choices when they design an audio component. The one that fascinates me the most is the venerable loudspeaker. Its job is simply to convert electrical impulses into sound waves. Yet all you have to do is peruse the pages of Enjoy the Music.com to see there are many ways to accomplish this goal.
              ---> EJ Jordan Greenwich Loudspeaker Review.



              Bowers & Wilkins 705 S3 Stand-Mounted Loudspeaker Review

              Bowers & Wilkins 705 S3 Stand-Mounted Loudspeaker Review
              A sense of performance that gets out of the way of your music.
              Review By Simon Lucas
              Getting to 'Series 3' of the Bowers & Wilkins 705 stand-mounting loudspeaker has been a rather more convoluted process than it might seem at first glance. You might imagine that 'S3' replaces 'S2', which in turn replaced 'S1' (or perhaps just '705') ?but you'd be wrong. Getting to '705 S3' initially required there to be an original '705', it's true. But after this, the entire 700 range (for reasons no one cares to remember) became the 'CM' range. 'CM' didn't remain a thing for all that long, and was replaced by the 'S2' range of 700 models. Then the 705 S2 (and the 702 S2 floorstander) were singled out for the Bowers & Wilkins 'Signature' treatment ?I reviewed the 705 Signature in issue 187 of this very magazine. These 'Signature' editions ran alongside the 'vanilla' S2 models on which they were based.
              ---> Bowers & Wilkins 705 S3 Stand-Mounted Loudspeaker Review.



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